The Høgsfjord Ferry

Welcome to our classic ferry and the gateway to The Fjords

On the trip accross the narrow fjord between Lauvvik and Oanes you will get a first taste of the Norwegian Fjords. At the entrance to the Lysefjord, You will see the majestetic Preikestolen at a distance.

m/f Svelviksund

Oanes ferjekai                  4110 Forsand
(+47) 91 90 06 17

Fartøysdrift AS Fartøysdrift@gmail.com (+47) 91 88 99 27

Messages to the travellers:

14.May 2024 - the departure from Oanes at 11:00 and the departure at 11:15 from Lauvvik are cancelled today due to technical problems.

1. May 2024 - new schedule and prices.

20.th December 2023 Please note slightly revised schedule from 1.january 2024. Please check "Schedule and Prices"

1.October -The ferry is in normal operation, departures every half hour accoding to the Winter Schedule (lunch break from 12-13).

Traffic information, please call the ferry, ph. +47 91 90 06 17.